Monday, December 31, 2012


With the year 2013 being just mere 2 hours away, it's just the right time to draw some kind of line and provide a top of some things related to 2012. Hell, even Super Adventures In Gaming did that. Let's not waste any time then and see what was good, bad and not that good in 2012. Go!

You can just look at my userpics history at VK to see how fucking awesome 2012 was.

Most referenced gaming franchise of 2012: Resident Evil, as it was in 2011, and as it will always be. After all, I've completed my RE movies collection around a week ago!

Wesker WAS a bad boy.

Most referenced single game of 2012: The Guardian Legend - due to my high activity on the forum, the start of Project Miria, and it all around being a kickass game worth playing anyday.

You say 'fan service' as it's something bad.

Best indie game project of 2012: Some would expect Project Miria, others will think it's Megiddo. It's neither. It's that stupid fucking game about a ball in a maze where I was asked to help with the graphics. Happy top scores at iTunes, LOL!


Best point-and-click adventure game of 2012: Easy as pie: Cyberdreams' dark twisted epic I Have No Mouth And I Must Scream based on the dark twisted story by H. Ellison.

It's a spoiler, BTW.

Best action-adventure game of 2012: Crusader: No Remorse. I finally beat this fucker!

That's what I call fuckin' hilarious!

Best FPS of 2012: The Quake series. It was Quake I that made me decide to bring Megiddo to DarkPlaces, and the PS1 version of Quake II to kick my ass with its random save points. Haven't really played many FPSes last year, actually.

And you say Quake is all brutal and manly.

Best action-RPG of 2012: Cyber Org. Dear game, you are a bitch.

How can you not want to play that?! My only warning: prepare to suffer. A lot.

Best shmup of 2012: Boo-boo-booboo-boo-boo-booboo-boobooboo-booboo-boo-booboo... Tyrian.

Did you know that you can turn the logo by 180 degrees, and it'll look the same? Seriously, try it.

Best game engine of 2012: I think I'd go with OpenBOR.

Unghh, those Shermies...

Best ninja game of 2012: The fuckin' Strider duology, especially all that buttsechs I've suffered through to beat the 2nd one.

Come to think of it, why the most famous ninjas in gaming, be it Hiryu and Ryu Hayabusa, never use any stealth tactics, constantly mow down bosses 10 times their size, and it's still credible and passable? Maybe it has something to do with the fact that it's fucking awesome!

Hardware purchase of 2012: A used Dreamcast!

Mmmyyy prrrecious...

Software purchase of 2012: The Crusader duology and legally free Duke Nukem 3D on

Wow, a New Year pic in the New Year related post? Who would've thought.

Emulator of 2012: Tie between BasiliskII and DeSmuME for making me able to smoothly play the original Marathon and Contra 4 respectively.

FUCKING Contra, allow me to add.

Portable OS of 2012: A tie between PSP XMB and Android. PSP, for being very hot last couple of months, with Tyrian, Crusader and Cyber Org and stuff, and Android for being installed on the cool tablet PC I've bought.

Yes, I've played this. Most shocking is that I've enjoyed this. Blow me.

Desktop OS of 2012: Ubuntu. From my decision itself to go Linux, to the neverending story of libsdl-dev refusing to be installed there. Agh.

This is way better than the SDL logo, trust me. Show me the latter, and I'll turn into Hulk.

Best movies of 2012: Men In Black 3 (was so hilarious that I was laughing my ass off even during the serious moments), The Expendables 2 (no comment here), Dark Shadows (that's Tim Burton we all know and love!), Resident Evil: Retribution (best of the live-action flicks, IMO), Wreck-It Ralph (no comment here, either).

There was Leon in RE: Retribution. Oh, hi Michelle.

Worst movies of 2012: Snow White and the Huntsman (the most pointless and forgettable movie I've seen in a long time), Prometheus (didn't tell anything I wanted to know, see my elaborate dismemberment of it here).

I wouldn't be as bitchy if they renamed the movie to Metroid: The Beginning or something, but they didn't. Hell, I'll call Charlize Theron's character Samus Aran anyway.

Movie series of 2012: The Chronicles Of Riddick (Pitch Black, Dark Fury, The Chronicles...) - because I've finally completed my Riddick collection, including Dark Athena on Steam.

In the pitch black, no one can see you act. Get it?

Best old-school movie of 2012: Streets Of Fire - Pare and Laine are such yummies! I promised you'll see them soon, so there you go:


Worst old-school movie of 2012: Horrible Bosses - it's a long story, but the punchline is 'I didn't actually watch it'.

If my aunt, being a Friends fan, saw Jennifer Aniston looking this busted, I bet she'd turn to Hulk as well.

Most re-watched movie of 2012: Jin-Roh - can I ever shine more light upon this anime's ass?!

I know I'm constantly talking about this thing, but trust me - this shit is motherfuckin' ass!

Most frequently spinning song of 2012: Tie between Nowhere Fast by Fire, Inc. and Магия (Magic) by Джокер (Joker).


The greatest composer of 2012: Andrew 'Necros' Sega. Would be boring to see C. Huelsbeck in this category over and over again, wouldn't it?

This guy can go to his grave knowing he has composed The Traveler and Dimension 2012.

The greatest nerdy moment: Michelle beating Metroid: Zero Mission. Babe, you got balls!

Take THAT, Muthabrain!

The worst nerdy moment: AVGN and Nostalgia Critic halting their shows. Boo.

Why Jimmy (and Doug), why?!

Most funny fucker of 2012: Miss Mediocre... eh, you don't know who it is. Let's go with Gabe Newell then.

Did you say something GOOD about Windows 8?! You will enter a world of pain...

Aerith of 2012: Wizard from Crusader: No Remorse. RIP man, the chicken joke will never be forgotten.

Where's his Power Glove?

Top 5 sites of 2012:
Super Adventures In Gaming
Google (I bet you're surprised)
The Guardian Legend Fansite (and Forum!)


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