Monday, March 19, 2012

I Am A Horrible Person

There are plenty of ways I can finish the 'I honestly think that...' line with. Let's look at some examples:

On society suiciety:
    - (cont.) All the decent ladies don't give a shit about nightclubs.
    - I don't give a shit about photography, because I'm a total dummy in it, and I acknowledge this openly.
    - Generalissimo Francesco Franco is still dead.

On music:
    - Justin Bieber is better than dubstep.
    - I don't trust any music genre that is measured by tracks, not songs, dances or marches.

On video games:
    - Crysis 1 is better than Halo 1.
    - Thunder Angels and the sequel(s) will be a smash hit!
    - Quantic Dream's games are heavily overrated - I FUCKING hate Fahrenheit.
    - Open Source/SDL video games are the future.
    - John Romero's Daikatana ad was awesome, and so was the game.

On movies:
    - Blood-soaked gory tentacle rape hentai is better than Hayao Miyazaki (save for Laputa and Mononoke, okay, okay).
    - Day Of The Dead is the best zombie flick ever.
    - Modern anime is all crap that looks like it's made by the same people over again.
    - Modern TV shows are bland, never-ending and all the same.
    - Modern AAA movie blockbusters are better than modern art cinema.
    - Han shot first.