Monday, October 28, 2013

Happy Birthday John Romero!!!

YES! Today (Oct, 28), one of the greatest game designers in the world turned 46!

Big hugs and cheers to the creator of all our favorite old-school first person shooters, Mr Alfonso John Romero! *hugs*

So to celebrate, go NOW and play some Wolfenstein 3D, DOOM, DOOM II, Heretic, Hexen, Quake or even Daikatana, or else... he's gonna make you his bitch!

Happy Birthday John!

Friday, October 11, 2013

The Best Of Nancies' Rage

Alright, so quite a while ago I had a cute little holy war with three Nancies (as I call them) about how it's not too good to jerk off to mediocre 3D models instead of having a life. Let's recap, shall we?

So, it all started with this shit:

12 Years Later... by ~NekoHybrid on deviantART

You thought that picking an obvious perverted furry sex symbol Felicia is to represent a real tragedy where real people, not fairytale furries, really died with no chance of magic revival through the Power Of Love is going a little tiny bit too far? Apparently, you're crazy!

Of course, I left a distasteful comment underneath this exploitation. And of course, the author, or as I call him, Mr I'm-Spamming-DeviantArt-With-Lousy-Screenshots-Of-Models-I-Didn't-Make-Posing-Before-Backgrounds-I-Didn't-Make-Either-To-Trigger-Lines-Of-Faves-And-Comments-From-Drooling-Hikkies-And-This-Is-Actually-Called-Digital-Art-Although-The-Only-Artsy-Part-Is-Me-Pressing-Print-Screen, didn't tell me anything directly, because I must be too much of an Untermensch to him. Instead, he unleashed several of his altar boys upon me. Here's what they had to say:

OK, let's get something established. It's his way of showing tribute to people who have lost their lives and as long as he's in control, he can draw what he likes. It's not up to you to decide what he draws. Heck, I might not approve completely but I stand by his right to draw it.

BTW folks, be used to the word 'tribute', as this is the only way those sorry arses defend their Master; as well as to the word 'draw' as this is considered actual art that requires actual effort.

Now, back to our Nancies:

Nancy: Got damn is this Einhander guy fucking stupid. Felicia is American. The only thing wrong with this picture is that Felicia looks out of place - just like Mario would look out of place - any video game character would look out of place.

I mean, imagine if I put Gunstar Heroes trying to tribute to 9/11. SOMEONE WOULD THROW A BRICK AT ME!

Nancy: Felicia might be created from the imagination of a Japanese artist, but she was made with a American nationality. She might not look the part, as you seem so adamant on finding fault on her appearance, but she was made with the best American ideals, which is to be kind to others, helping those in need and a cheery, optimistic and confident attitude in making her dreams come true.

A tribute is still a tribute, no matter how bad you find the medium to be. This piece clearly shows tribute for the victims of 9/11, and I'm sure others will definitely take comfort in that. Unless this piece clearly/subtly shows disrespect towards the memories of the victims, it is an honest tribute.

Nancy: So what if the character's not from the US and it's properly represented? It's still a commemoration regardless.

Do you honestly think that the creator uploaded this for sex appeal? Do you see anybody here making comments like "I wanna bang her so much"? or "Forget 9/11, bring on the boobs!"

I didn't think so.

I'm sorry if this is not to your liking but I can't help that and neither can anyone else. Stop nitpicking about the smallest details or better still, find something to look at that doesn't offend you.

* * *

Nancy: First and foremost. Felicia. All raging hormones aside, she's a fantastic work of art, and seemingly very original if I've ever seen such a character. The first character to come along looking nude while also self censoring naturally, and getting away with it. FAN FUCKING TASTIC. You'll not find many characters that look like her, and even if you do, most of them came AFTERWARDS. Also, the only other character that may or may not predate her is from a hentai, which by itself, makes it obscure in the first place. I'm not too much of a fan of her personality, but hey, Japan. Bound to happen.

Now I understand that you hate felicia. That's cool. You can hate her. Especially for the idiotic, buffoon reasons that you call standards. You even erroneously think that you've grown by acquiring more "sophisticated" tastes in female characters. But here's the deal, you can bash, everyone else can bash you too. :D

I seriously can't find where to begin making fun of feminists. It's like, they absolutely hate the female form more than Muslims. It's like voluntarily oppressing oneself, and acquiring some sort of joy from it. What's even more funny, is that nudity is natural, and if it weren't for sexual stigmas and clothing, it would be more ingrained into our culture, which would lead to seeing a naked woman not automatically equating to sex. What's also funny, is that you feminists try to defend your point of views totally ignorant of what females are allowed to do NOWADAYS. If I had a nickel for every pregnant male, boy dressed as a girl, boy with female proportions, yaoi and slash pairings...... For goodness sakes, the things I've seen girls get away with today are far more annoying than just one nude fucking woman. Hell, a trillion nude fucking women aren't as fucking annoying to look at as a fucking biological mechanically fucked up idea as male pregnancy. Where are your complaints about Gill, Seth and Urien? Firebrand? The nude Ogre demon from Dungeons and Dragons Shadow Over Mistara? Soul Calibur 5's final boss as a hidden character (he practically only wears a thong). Tekken's Ogre? Seriously, these days are an open free market for whatever the fuck you want as a character, so where in the living fuckshit do you get off criticizing ONE fucking character? Go ahead, try to pick on other female characters - there's a barefoot, bare chested man for every single one of them.

And yes, I know you're a guy, I simply address you as if you traded in your pair for a nice set of tits, because what retarded husk of a man is willing to become a feminist these days? We as a society have advanced far enough to know that gender equality is no longer an issue (and if it is, it's because you're not the one getting what you want, which means you need to work harder to get your ideas across you lazy sack of shit - i.e. if you think there's too many women in this play, you need to write your own fucking play). It shouldn't even fucking come up. The issue has been explored by more intelligent people, and the conclusions have already been drawn: as persons, we're pretty much equal. You got that?

Now, reading through your comments and all the arguments, I've come to one conclusion....

You're a sad sack of shit. Seriously.

Let's take everything fucking seriously and even more so, let's dictate to others how they should do the things they want, appropriately. Then the moment someone decides to impose on YOU, it's time to take up the arms and hit the fences. What a crock of shit.

Now I'm not a Nekohybrid supporter - I actually can't stand him at times. Why must Felicia be plugged into everything? Why does he constantly have to abuse the XNALara program to get every single pose he can think up out of his mind? Etc - but I support him having the right to do whatever the fuck he wants. Did I find something wrong with him making a 9/11 tribute with Felicia as the focus character? Hell yeah I did, but in the same way I'd find fucking Super Mario or Sonic the Hedgehog out of place sobbing over the twin towers. Looks out of place and goofy.

To be honest, I don't give a damn about the twin towers (don't know anyone who's lost anybody), and there are many people around the world that don't give a shit either. We can't impose our feelings on them, demanding they respect our sensibilities on the subject - that'll only make them even more hostile towards you, as it certainly would me, because you don't come up to me throwing your stupid "feels" in my face demanding SHIT. What exactly would you expect? Tell someone they should dance along to your tune if they want to please you, as if they were trying to in the first place. Respect is NOT setting a standard and expecting everyone to follow it. Respect is the "holding of something in high regard" and everyone has their own opinions on what's worthy of respect. Anyone attempting to force others to respect them and their ideas/beliefs/sensibilites without sound objective reasoning is wrong period.

What's worse, this guy is actually making tribute here, and you're even finding fault with THAT. How much of a sensitive little shit are you? I'm hoping you're a troll, because people who truly demand to be sheltered from all the negativity that others may have to say and trying to actually force others to accept that is one of the reasons I think all of humanity should burn slowly in a raging hellfire created by unknown causes.

And guess what, I'm a Christian :D. If Felicia was nailed to the cross, I'd give no flying fucks. Jesus was not the only person nailed a cross you idiot, crucifixion was a common punishment in ancient times. Regardless of what we Christians say, he doesn't OWN the cross. Such logic would be ass backwards, and contradictory. Imagine someone telling you that you own the concept of other people's demise. Yeah, I thought so. Fucktard.

Mois: Oh look, seems like Ash has finally unleashed Slowpoke! Let's see how soon will you slip into lame jokes as opposed to nitpicky arguments :) Let me break up your tablecloth of a mesage to paragraphs and reply to each individually:

1. No honey, not aside. Have you seen the comments to her genie 'fanart'? Developed character with a personality and detailed backstory, indeed. As a side note, she wasn't original. C'mon, no love for Nina from Words Worth?

2. I do not hate Felicia. I do not care about Felicia. Connecting her reputation to 9/11 is what disturbs me.

3. Sorry sweetie, I was honestly trying to come up with an elaborate reply on feminism, but the thing is, it has nothing to do with my rage, and besides, swearing doesn't make you adult and sophisticated. Kinda sorry.

4. Why should I think ALL the thoughts someone else thought if as a sophisticated being I can think my own?

5. (drum roll)

6. Behold, The Master Of Wise Criticism! I mean wow, even Leonard Maltin and Roger Ebert weren't as elaborate in their reviews as a person I don't know branding me a sack of shit. I think I'll go suicide now, because my life is ruined, OK yeah.

7. You obviously don't, as you keep pushing the Irate Gamer standards of swearing.

8. If you actually sort of agree with me, then why did you write this War & Pieces in the first place?

9. Now that's the point I'd like to note that no Christian talks like that. By saying you don't care about 9/11 makes me think you are a misanthrope, and this reply of yours is pointless and driven by self-affirmation only, which makes my reply pointless, too, LOL. Anyway, I do not want things go MY way, because it would make life boring and predictable. I just want this notion of women as lumps of meat around the vaginas to stop, that's it. I just want as much people as possible to be grown up dignified sane adults. Since when did it become something bad and deserving a megaton of 'fucks' and variations?

10. See item 8. I find the whole idea of SUCH tribute a fault, and you even do, too. Ah, and one more abuse of the word 'tribute', and I'm afraid I'll start searching for that ignore button.

11. You're not a Christian. I think you're just a poser who got into Christianity just to be allowed inside YMCA, but that's just my thought. And as I've already said, calling names and swearing like a sailor doesn't make you clever and reasonable, as well as doesn't make me take you seriously. I'm trying to, really hun, but I can't! Although at least you don't have a My Little Pony avatar, so you can still be saved. :)

Bottom line: if writing such a long post dedicated to a response to a flame war that was over 36 hrs ago over a disrespectful image of a busty anime girl symbolizing the tragedy she has nothing to do with doesn't alarmingly indicate that you need to get a life, then I'm beyond unsure what does!

Nancy: How ironic for you of all people to call ME slowpoke. For goodness sakes, you're a male feminist. If there were any brains in that skull of yours, youd've already grown out of that horrendous way of thinking and be disgusted with yourself for ever having fell into it to begin with.

Anyways, I'll reply to the stuff worth replying to. A lot of the bullshit you speak is just that, bullshit.

1. Here's one of the major reasons why feminism doesn't fucking work, even at a fundamental level. We can at least agree, that everyone counts as an individual, correct? As such, everyone interprets/perceives and experiences things differently, right? Okay, we got all that down. Now, with all that said, regardless of how obvious something may seem, a character thrown out there with such seemingly base sex appeal may not necessarily come off to everyone as such. It sure as hell didn't with me - I fucking hated Felicia when I first saw her at the age of 14. Being that was almost 16 years ago, details elude me, but from what I could remember, I didn't like the fact that I couldn't take her very seriously. Big feet, big hands, white getup and a huge fucking blue lion mane did much to turn me off back then. The one detail that DID NOT come across my mind was that she was naked. It wasn't until I saw her animated that I pushed back all my hatred - I was a weird kid, and hated most everything before I eventually came to like them. It wasn't some bullshit sense of sexism (a word that the most advanced of human beings have already moved past) or any other garbage, it was her exaggerated features that bugged me, her boobs/ass/jiggly bits didn't even fucking come to mind. I didn't think it was normal of a woman to dress like that, I didn't think it was weird or out of place either, I simply just went with it, and gave my opinion, even at that early age. To think about how old you are, that you would let such meaningless details bother and bog you down. What a joke.

And wow, it took me having to throw you a bone for you to even correctly guess Nina from words worth as being the origin of fur censor catgirls. She may have been the first, but Felicia was the first to actually have stylized patterns in her fur to create the censor. Now top that.

2. You're a fucking prude. Enjoy your AIDS.

8. Hey dumbass, you do understand the differences between why we "seem" to agree on this felicia picture, right? Here's the Care-O-Meter, in reference to our reactions to seeing "12 years later" by NekoHybrid:

You: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------(useless FEMEN driven nerd rage)

Me: --(lol, what is this, why is this? XD )

YOU are offended to the point of making call out journals appealing to your shitty ass watchers. I am simply puzzled as to why someone would bother using a video game character to honor the fallen. We are NOT on the same side whatsoever. Not even close. We don't even share adjacent views on ice cream, our thoughts couldn't be any more at odds.

9. I'm fine with being a misanthrope. People let down a lot more than they correct, fix, create or build. Which leads me to my next point.

There's no such thing as maturity, you fucking fool. It's just a shitty manipulative mechanism created by society in order to promote conformity. Seeing as I've already stated that everyone has their own idea of what should be held in high honor (respect), they have their own idea of when, where and what occasion one should restrain themselves from acting out in any way, and each has their own concept of how responsibility in general should be handled (THESE ARE THE THREE MAJOR ASPECTS OF MATURITY, MIND YOU), and seeing as there's no clear cut, completely objective definition of maturity that every single person in existence can agree with, the only LOGICAL conclusion is to assume that there is no such fucking thing as mental/behavioral maturity in anything other than the ability to handle/comprehend/keep in mind more complex details and situations. It's more logical to assume that society, which has measures of control lurking around every fucking corner, is trying to manipulate you into being the all positive being that "Adulthood" is 'supposed' to represent. You're an idiot, you haven't already come to this conclusion. Congrats.

Your bottom line: No, the problem is that you're projecting - it is YOU that need to get a life. If something like this is worthy of you going fucking nuts in an online journal, then obviously you're not getting out enough to get into some real drama. Fuckwad.

Cleverly placed reply to 10. Well here's the thing: if I can get over my hatred of seeing homosexuals intimate in public by constantly being subjected to randomly placed gay porn GIFs when browsing 4chan, it can be said that desensitization through overexposure is the best method of coping. You need more of it:

Tribute Tribute Tribute Tribute Tribute Tribute Tribute Tribute Tribute Tribute Tribute Tribute Tribute Tribute Tribute Tribute Tribute Tribute Tribute Tribute Tribute Tribute Tribute Tribute







Mois: So you're saying you're about 30 yrs old, but I've seen 15 yrs old emo boys talking more politely. Kinda sad. I think I'll call you Nancy then.

So Nancy, I can come over the fact that you think swearing will make me take you seriously (spoiler: it really doesn't, trust me dear Nancy, I tried!). You're not the first of your kind, and surely you won't be the last.

But why do you offend my Watchers, sweet little Nancy?

Nancy: Lol, dumbass thinks that talking politely is a necessity. If the message was sent, read it. The same necessary information would've been there regardless of how I stated it.

Projecting again - you think that I think that my cursing is going to make you take me seriously, when srsly 4 reelz, I just curse for the fuck of it.

Again, for the fuck of it :). Usually, watchers tend to +1 anything the person they're watching says, and yeah, you're right, I should be treating them all as individuals and not generalizing. Ouch, my bad? Like I said, for the fuck of it.

Mois: Mmm, oh Nancy, you're ridiculously Christian!

Nancy: Damn straight. Tough love for everyone.

Mois: You? Straight? Oh stop you ^_^

Nancy: Oh behave! :-*

Nancy: The funniest part of all this is how you were actually a fan of his XNALara screenshots before you decided "OMG, he's making tributes to dead people with Felica and I'm offended!" *mean pouty face*

Mois: So a person who says he's got a life wastes time browsing through the dino shit old Favorites of a sad sack of shit like me ^_^ Oh Nancy, you're adorable!

Nancy: 1. I never proclaimed to have a life.
2. This is my day off of work, I'll spend it lounging around if I want! :D
3. Who said I looked through your favorites? I simply determined you were just a troll by asking Nekohybrid if you were a fan of his and he provided links of you going from nice guy to batshit insane douchebag. I already wasted my time, what's another couple of replies going to hurt?

Mois: You have a work?

Nancy: Unbelievable, isn't it!

Mois:Beyond Nancy-chan, beyond ^_^

* * *

Nancy: Felicia might be created from the imagination of a Japanese artist, but she was made with a American nationality. She might not look the part, as you seem so adamant on finding fault on her appearance, but she was made with the best American ideals, which is to be kind to others, helping those in need and a cheery, optimistic and confident attitude in making her dreams come true.

A tribute is still a tribute, no matter how bad you find the medium to be. This piece clearly shows tribute for the victims of 9/11, and I'm sure others will definitely take comfort in that. Unless this piece clearly/subtly shows disrespect towards the memories of the victims, it is an honest tribute. To label something as politically incorrect, would be because the art piece describes the tragedy with something offensive/insensitive (12000 dumbasses get pwned because they didn't think Arabs could actually crash planes into their big buildings, etc). So far, the character only displays sadness, and her appearance is exactly how she actually looks like (her character really doesn't wear clothes), so this piece is in no way meant to be offensive.

Mois: Again, the only real argument I am seeing is sticking the word 'tribute' everywhere. Let's just wait for the first person who lost someone in 9/11 to see it and say 'WTF's that 3D boobs shit?!'. Let us just wait.

Nancy: Still waiting.

Mois: As I've said to another drooling fan somewhere here in the comments, we can also wait for the next Easter for Mr The Divinely Almighty :nekohybrid: to produce a tribute to Jesus Christ with Felicia nailed to the cross. Tribute! Proper representation! Not offensive to anyone! ^_^

Nancy: You've missed the point of this conversation, but whatever.

Mois: Judging from another defender calling me sick and going 'FFUUU', I struck a cord anyway xD

Nancy: Now you just pulled that out of your ass. I simply told you that the character isn't as bad as you think she is, but it appears you now just want to appear like you "won" an argument. Since I had a similar experience with somebody like you, I'm pretty sure I'll just forget about it. People like you will only want to see the flaws, so go ahead while I look at both good and bad of the character.

Mois: You're saying it like it has something to do with Felicia's character. I didn't say she was bad (I explained it in a nother journal). I just said that using this obviously perverted furry sex symbol as a poster girl to a real tragedy that had nothing to do with Capcom, Darkstalkers and/or sex appeal, where so many lives were lost, is too much. And even worse is calling it a 'tribute' all the time, like you and your fellow droolers do. You wouldn't consider a tribute taking a pair of anime tits, nailing it to the cross and writing 'HAPPY EASTER' below, right? Why're you defending this act of distaste with so much foam in your mouth then?

And those 'persons like me' you mentioned are called 'grown up adults with a sense of taste that have lives'. I'd strongly recommend getting one, too, it's really cool! You don't have a My LittlePony avatar, so you're not hopeless :)

Nancy: Actually, I knew you were basing on the fact that Felicia doesn't look like a decent poster girl for a terrible tragedy. As I had told you, Felicia was designed by a Japanese company, but she was designed as more or less, a sort of representation of the country. The game she is from, Darkstalkers, features monsters from around the world coming together to brawl. Its a really cool concept, especially when you see who they choose to represent a country (London gets a sullen Werewolf, Canada gets a rowdy Sasquatch, etc).

You say Japan has nothing to do with America, but that is incorrect, as Japan actually heavily relies on America for national security. In turn, America also imports quite a lot of their entertainment services. In a way, they actually do rely on each other and if tragedy struck (9/11) the other has a high chance of being affected.

Back to the character, Felicia is designed with no clothes at all, but then again one of the American's favorite sports is cheerleading, where basically hot, skimpily-dressed women dance for the masses (like Felicia does). When I first saw her, I was pretty shocked when I realized that wasn't a suit. But then I read her bio, and I liked her more for that. If you can get past the blatant fanservice, she is a really kind and caring soul who just wants everybody to get along and be happy. In short, in a way, Felicia could be seen as the positive values of America, which I find refreshing unlike all the crap their government keeps getting during the past 5 years.

A tribute is a tribute, there is absolutely no limit to what a artist can create. The only real consequence is how others will react towards the completed piece. You could actually create, like you said, "taking a pair of anime tits, nailing it to the cross and writing 'HAPPY EASTER' below", the end result would be just you losing your watchers. You could also create an effigy to Jesus from the flesh of unborn babies, the end result would be you sent to jail. The bottom line is, anything can create anything they want, but they should be mindful of public opinion. Since this art piece is getting mostly positive comments so far, I can say NekoHybrid did something right. Disliking it is your opinion, but being a dick about it is not right.

As I recall, the person like you was a 19yr old guy who kept claiming that he somehow "owned" fighting game girls (Felicia was actually his main obsession), and that only he was allowed to draw rather distasteful pictures of his character having a relationship with them/having sex with them. He would constantly go upon other people's profiles and harass them if they showed even an ounce of attraction to Felicia, going on and on about being the "god of Darkstalkers" and that they can't have a relationship because his word was somehow law.

He particularly hated a popular pairing with Felicia, and he would really go out of his way to slam and even try to take down works depicting the pairing. Subsequently, he was kicked out for being rude, racist even. He tried evading ban quite a lot of times, which was how I met him. I then had him kicked out time and time again.

Since your attitude is kind of similar to his, I would strongly advise not to follow his footsteps.

Mois: Hm, well... you think that cheerleading being a popular kind of sport that may be even called 'a career' (heard this in a movie; can't remember the title though) is okay? Isn't it another variation of presenting women as objects/products - the main thing that pisses me off and where all my subsequent pissoffs emerge from? And besides, I would be enraged if my country was represented by a blatant furry sex symbol. Actually, thanks to Hetalia it sort of is! Hey, Ukraine has big boobs, ha... ha... Now what's left is to draw an art of her cleaning up Chernobyl or something. Top friggin' notch.

And speaking of that 19-year old fella; sure, I'd like to apologize for an unjust insult, since this person is completely not what I imagined, but... But:

1. Darkstalkers happens to be one franchise where I never cared about the story and characters. Like, at all. I kinda like the gameplay, I think, but OF COURSE I picked it up before thanks to Felicia being there and me being a 15 yrs old spermatoxic dummy. But then I discovered the magic of an action called 'getting a life', so the rest is history. I do not know what pairings did Felicia participate in, and I didn't care even back then, so it's not 'sticking to canon' my motivation.

2. A few months ago I've actually had a campaign of all my distasteful images deleted from my Gallery (excluding several ones, but I provided the reasons), along with the comments, faves and so on. Conscience made me kill them, and I still don't regret.

2a. Hilariously coincidentally, for some time my most viewed, most commented and most faved 'artwork' was a lousy PSP wallpaper of Felicia's image I didn't draw placed on a background I didn't shoot. It wa sooo popular and made me SO disgusted of myself that I deleted it; again, not regretting it now at all.

2b. Since I had all my genuinely sexist images killed off, the only ones I'm keeping that may qualify as 'sexy' are actually made for the purpose of satirizing all the pointless sex appeal splooged all over dA. And yes, of course I had to make a fanart of Felicia, too, because instead of a poster girl for 9/11 (as consistently its okayness is hammered into me recently), to me she's an established poster girl for what's wrong with this damn site to me (and don't say it doesn't make sense please; you've described such an example yourself!). You know, like Rocky said - you may not be a whore, but you shouldn't behave like one. And seeing all these really Uncanny Valley worth bland screenshots of her a la 'she's in a cowboy hat now!', 'she's dancing samba now!', 'she's a mermaid now!' - I'm sorry, it does leave an impression that he behaves so in the hand of the author. Badly behaves.

2c. Even the distasteful images that I drew thinking that I'm making artworks-of-art didn't feature anyone else's copyrighted characters, because I think I'm mature enough not to go this low. There was an exception here and there, but the external OC's author accepted it wholeheartedly.

Hope it clarifies all the decisions I took on this cute little flamewar of ethics.

Nancy: Well, technically cheerleading is actually pretty extreme, you are basically launching girls so high and in such awkward positions, if you fail to catch her, she could break her neck. The cheerleaders in my school have to maintain a very strict diet and physique to actually do the launches, thats why I know its no picnic. The bottom line that I was trying to say is don't be too much of a dick towards something you don't like. I didn't minded that you didn't like the picture, you've got your reasons (as you've said). I myself am uncomfortable with nudity on this site, but I generally ignore it. It was within the artist's means to draw/create such things, and it is up to people to decide if they like it or not.

Mois: Well, cheerleading may be as extreme as it wants, but if that extremity is reached, again, for the sake of parading the female looks only, it's kinda fishily pointless.

And yes, for some time I was keeping silence and did ignore what I didn't like. I ignored, and it got worse and worse without some external quality control reached through bad reviews. I was silent when one of my Watchers joined five different groups dedicated to masturbating on farting anime girls. I was silent when the now-infamous NekoHybrid made a 'tribute' (seriously, two more and this word will completely change its meaning for me!) to Michael Jackson featuring Miss Take-A-Shitty-Guess-Who. And yes, I know all those 'to each his own's well. And yes, I willingly produce sick shit of an art now and then. But... how low will the ethics drop if everything will be automatically respected, and nobody will ever express negative criticism? Seriously, some really violently defended worthless 'artworks' more, and Anal Cunt's songs 'Kill Women', 'You're Too Ugly To Rape, So I Beat The Shit Out Of You' and 'Woman - A Natural Punching Bag' would seem a proper politically correct representation, or a tribute if you will.

Someone has to break the silence and show these exploitation pricks their place, and why the hell can't it be me? It's the glasses, right?

Nancy:Frankly, Americans like motivation and the feeling of achieving something. Lots of them are honest folk who just wish to feel like whatever they strode for meant something, the fireworks at the finish line. Thats why they host half-time shows (with the cheerleaders) and ask celebrities to host shows, its a big part of their culture. They want that spectacular knockout blow.

Well....I've never heard of Anal Cunt, maybe I shouldn't look into that. People had been breaking the silence, some stuff is wrong, and can be seen as offensive. However, too many people end up twisting their cause, or end up having a selfish, hidden agenda for their persecution (like the guy I told you about, he kept claiming how drawing any pairing work beside his kills Darkstalkers or something). Sometimes, other people do like what you don't like, and sometimes what seemed offensive isn't considered offensive to others (I saw real corpses being used by Buddhist monks to study the human spiritual biology, all of them in various stages of decomposition). Just remember that this is the internet, the more you surf, the more you will see such things.

Mois: Well, my attitude is mostly based on repulsion of not only offensive stuff, but mostly the fact that there is someone somewhere that thinks it's fine and doesn't mind it. There's tolerance to other people's tastes, and then there's tolerasty... Everywhere you look around these days, there is awkward to forced sexualization all over the place. Nobody has to be creative, inventive anymore, nobody cares about quality - you drew a horrendoud background? Quick, add some gazongas at the foreground, so nobody will notice! You know nothing about the character and/or you came up with a really bland undeveloped one? Give it giant tits, and everybody will go all out praising how they love this character! And what, women are okay with that, they don't mind and/or complain (well, not all, of course, but for the most part)! I just wanted to leave the tits aspect out of 9/11 at least, because that was beyond inappropriate...

Nancy: There isn't much you can do about these kinds of things, it is the internet after all. The best you can do is to recognize the ones that you feel are good, if not, comments like these will make you seem like a jerk no matter how you try to spin it.

Mois: Oh, right. Two things I like the least:

1. Constant tits everywhere and everybody okay with it.

2. EVERYONE waving their hands and saying nothing can be changed. Pfft, sure it can't if .

God bless SOPA.

Nancy: Yo ho, yo ho, a pirate's life for us.

* * *

Nancy: I see nothing wrong with it.

Mois: If you do not, then why did you get pissed off and dislikey by my 'sarcasm'? Those hypothetical Chernobyl/Kevorkian/Sharon Tate 'arts' would be totally srs bzns and A-okay with the almighty you, as far as I understand!

Nancy: You know jackshit about what you're talking about. As Neko-Hybrid said, it was not in any way meant to be fanservice.

Mois: :) Then he would've used someone who has more clothes, LOL. And male gender.

Nancy: He could've. But he used he wanted. Like I said, it's not up to you on what he draws.

Mois: So, going back to what ignited my disgust - isn't it way too ballsy to stick CG boobs at every subject matter there is and calling it 'a tribute'? BTW, love how you said 'drawn', that was kinda funny.

Nancy: How many tributes to 9/11 have you seen on here use CGI boobs? None. So I've got no idea how that point you made came into your mind. Like I said you nitpick too much, trying to point out every little flaw you can in my arguments.

Mois: Uh huh, while you're trying to impress me with how generic ('you don't know jack shit') you can get. And besides, wasn't I pissed off in the first place because I did see a piece of exploitative pseudo art with the actual CGI boobs that the author had the ball testicles to call a 'tribute'?

Nancy: See, you're doing it again, pointing out the flaws in my argument to cover up the fact that you can't make a strong argument. And I love how you've resorted to using fancy words in an attempt to make it look and sound more rational.

Mois: Who, me? Oh, I'm just looking forward to next Easter to see a 'tribute' to Jesus with Felicia being nailed to a cross, and you saying it's completely okay and not offensive at all. Now that'd be a sight to behold!

Nancy: Wow. You really are a nasty piece of work, you know that?

Mois: But why? Won't you say it's a proper representation and a tribute?

Nancy: Because of your attitude. I don't like it.

Bottom Line:


An Artsy Artwork Of Art Of A Tribute x3 by ~EinhanderZwei on deviantART