Tuesday, October 18, 2011

...But Remember: Shoot Or Die!

Hello and welcome to EARTH UNDER LUCIFER Mk. II! This is the second birth of my personal blog, after I've decided to drop my previous blog hosting and move on to something more current. So, here I am on Blogger, locked and loaded! As you might have noticed, I'm writing all this in English, because it would be cool if international audiences would get familiarized with me, my works, my lifestyle, my thoughts. So, here it is, for both newcomers and the people who already know me, these are the differences between EUL Mk. I and MK. II:

- The default language will be ENGLISH. For those with poor knowledge, I will accept the requests to translate any post that caught the asker's eye;
- Here you will NOT find any angsty sufferings, cynical social commentary, free download links and other crap that plagued EUL Mk. I and sometimes even made me personally ashamed of it;
- What you will find are my movie/TV/videogame/music reviews, drawings, literary drafts and completed works, my personal bios of my favorite celebrities and many, many good stuff to catch the attention of anyone sharing my interests;
- Speaking of which, they include, but not limited to: videogames (especially for the retro PC/consoles or modern remakes of the former), action/sci-fi/horror/thriller movies, anime, heavy metal, dystopian and cyberpunk art and lifestyle, politics, war history, vampire fiction, humor and lots more!

For those willing to communicate directly with me, please see my contact details at the right. Same goes for those roaming the social networks, feel free to 'befriend' me at Facebook/LinkedIn/VK/PSN/XBL!

A sticky post above it will include my brief bio and several Top N lists of my favourite media, in case you're interested. As a funny bonus, I'll also upload the full unedited backup of EUL Mk. I, but unfortunately it's in Russian only.

This concludes my announcement, and I hope you'll enjoy all the good stuff I'll post here. Catch ya later. :)