Friday, March 28, 2014

OCEAN - Updated FAQ

Q: What is Sergei Savenko’s Ocean?
A: It’s an indie first person shooter for Windows, MacOS X and Linux, developed by Sergei ‘EinhanderZwei’ Savenko.

Q: Which engine does it run on?
A: GZDoom, a heavily modified version of id Tech 1 engine (also known as 'DOOM Engine').

Q: What are the system requirements?
A: They are extremely low by modern standards - please see the system requirements for GZDoom on the official site above.

Q: Are you the single developer?
A: Yes and no. All the design (gameplay and visual), scripting, mapping, graphics are handled by me. The soundtrack is taken from the collections of Andrew ‘Necros’ Sega, with all credits provided. Several Wikimedia Commons images are also utilized; primarily the ecology-themed stock photos. For the full list of credits, please see this following document.

Q: Any other movie influences?
A: Of course!
Q: How about game influences?
Q: What is Ocean essentially about?
A: You play as Sean Crichton, a badass Soldier Boy (modeled after Cillian Murphy), who one day receives an order from his Badass Mentor, Col. Nigel Bruckheimer (modeled after Jurgen Prochnow), to investigate an experimental underwater research lab, the Oberon-1 Station. He is also supervised by Svetlana Tikhovliz (modeled after Margot Kidder), the female Corporate Authority and the facility designer and formal person in charge. Once he arrives there, he sees that the place is full of zombies; later on his adventure, he somehow finds two survivors: his sister Natasha (modeled after Amanda Pays), who was a scientist before the zombie outbreak, and a mysterious cyborg mermaid girl Marina (modeled after Sandra Bullock), who is also referred to as 'Specimen 23'.

Q: Good choice for the characters' appearances influence, but Cillian Murphy as a badass action hero?
A: Yes. The main character’s visual design is traced over Cillian Murphy. The reason is thematic and visual similarity between Ocean’s plot and two movies he starred in:

Q: Who are those ladies constantly present on the concept arts?
A: Marina – a cyborg mermaid-like girl, Natasha – a short-haired ‘regular’ girl in a scientist coat, Svetlana – a girl in the business suit. Please see above for the brief summary of their roles.

Q: Yes, we don't want spoilers! However, are there any interesting plot twists up your writer’s sleeve?
A: Plenty of them! I guarantee I will deliver on that aspect. ^_^

Q: What is the current development status?
A: I have compiled the very rough pre-alpha tech demo; you can view the gameplay here. Also, I have started a development V-Log. Finally, you can always monitor the progress via this document.

Q: When would we expect the release to happen?
A: I can release the pre-alpha anytime now, but doubtfully anyone would find it interesting; there's a demo planned for early Summer of 2014 (June, 8, to be exact - to coincide with the World Ocean Day!), and the full version is planned for Fall 2014.

Thursday, March 27, 2014


This post will be dedicated to the development process of Sergei Savenko's OCEAN. All the links and stuff will be chronicled here, as well as the dynamic updates (YouTube playlist, etc.)

Also, I will create a TinyURL version of this page so you won't lose it, and the URL will be waaay easier to remember!