Sunday, June 8, 2014


The Improved Title Screen by EinhanderZwei on deviantART

Well well... 'This is a nice, interesting scene' (c) MADstarter

First of all, HAPPY WORLD OCEAN DAY!!!

And what's the best way to celebrate it rather than to check out the first 4 (technically, 7) maps of the project you've heard about but I'm sure wanted to try out yourself?

That's right my beloved cuties and patooties, Sergei Savenko's OCEAN Demo 1.0 is now live. You can download and play it, like... right now.


  • Unzip to whatever folder you like (D:\Games\OCEAN_Demo would be good enough);
  • Launch the Launch_OceanDemo file;
  • Set up the keys and all necessary goodies (screen resolution, sound, yadda yadda);


DropBox | Google Drive | MediaFire


MAP02: Hypothermia
  • Make sure to explore everything. All there's to find will aid you later;

MAP03: Licence To Kill
  • The best route is not the straightforward one;
  • Look for hidden switches - there's two of them that will help you dramatically;

MAP05: Fear Of The Dark
  • This is a rather hard level - don't hesitate to save your game from time to time;
  • Memorize the location of health recharge terminals;
  • Machete is good against the zombie nurses;
  • Always be on your guard;
  • Crouch often - that will compromise the enemies' accuracy;
  • Do not waste ammo;

MAP06: Marina
  • This map has a puzzle, as well as a lot of enemies, as well as a big environmental hazard;
  • Don't waste Slayer ammo;
  • Take cover whenever possible;
  • Don't hesitate to save the game often;
  • It IS possible to jump over to the pool, just look better at the surroundings;


  • The number of monsters is the same on all difficulties; however the other standard DOOM schema is supposed to be in effect (double ammo on DEFCON 1 and 5, respawning enemies on DEFCON 1, etc.);
  • Sean's crouching sprites are his standing sprites squeezed vertically;
  • The number of enemies on MAP06 can be pretty unfair - please report if the map is TOO difficult;
  • Help screens are not redesigned;
  • MAP06 is very poorly decorated... for now;
  • Chainsaw puffs in diving mode;
  • DOOM cheats still work :P
  • The engine returns lots of warning messages regarding the textures - ignore them; the game is playable and glitch-free;
  • GZDOOM interface is mostly default;


  • Standalone Mod (convenient for Linux users);
  • ModDB page;
  • DoomWorld thread;

DoncellaSuicide  | Lucifer-Krusnik00  | Magicisreal828  | pingukasane  | Gothalla123  | Ciullo-Corporation  | bds314  | NemesisIlit  | TheGreyPersona  | EpicMaster3D  | NagainaTheNaga  | LaNora-84  | czmAvery  | Blackpantherwolf13  | Nikunia  | breaker213  | Kalidreamine  | Ms-Ru  | HansTechrist  | Meljona  |  LostMemoryOfADream  | Snowy-Aegis

  • John Romero, Andrew Sega and Jason Jones;
  • GZDOOM Team;
  • :iconvoreq: for the legendary one-liner: 'have fun with your naked furries and fish, freak';
  • :iconheellawait: for Svetlana chibis, stabbing me in the ass for teh l00lz, and thus giving me enough fuel for hatred that kept me on when I was feeling burnt out;
  • Svetlana Tikhovliz for unknowingly giving the first and last name to one of the game's most memorable characters;


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