Tuesday, June 10, 2014

How To Launch The OCEAN Demo Under Linux

Wanted to write this manual anyway, so here goes! Please note this applies mostly to Debian/Ubuntu, so for other distributions, please consider using their respective utilities (packet managers, installation from source, etc.)

  • Download and install libsdl-dev:
    sudo apt-get install libsdl-dev
  • Download and install GZDOOM:
    sudo apt-get install gzdoom
  • Also, you can download the pre-compiled DEB package here: http://debian.drdteam.org/pool/multiverse/g/gzdoom/
  • Download and unpack the OCEAN Demo
  • Place the files ocean24.pk3, doom2.wad and system.wad (or, generally, all the WAD and PK3 files except brightmaps.pk3 and gzdoom.pk3)...
  • ...to the GZDOOM folder: /usr/games/gzdoom
  • Open the terminal and type: gzdoom -file doom2.wad -file ocean24.pk3 -file system.wad
  • Be aggressive!

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