Thursday, December 20, 2012

Top 15 Power Armors - 5 To 1

First of all, let me apologize for one very nasty thing that I've let slip in the first part of this countdown. In the first Guyver movie, the main character is NOT played by Mark Hamill - it's just I've fallen to the oldest false advertising trick in the book, where the filmmakers cast a former star in a supporting role and place his name and face on the cover to get some bucks. I believe, my mistake can be somehow redeemed by the fact that I wrote this before watching the movie, so please accept my apologies - Mark Hamill technically is not the main star in The Guyver. Boo.

5. Power Armor MK2 (Fallout 2)

If you have this common sense thingy and not as hardcore as that guy who reached Ganon in The Legend Of Zelda without using the sword, chances are you were definitely wearing the Power Armor Mk. II by the end of Fallout 2, as well as any other Power Armor Mk. by the end of any other Fallout. That opening cutscene with a group of Enclave soldiers mowing down some civilians has cemented this particular suit as one of the series' trademark, not to mention portraying its wielders as badass motherfuckers... just as your character is supposed to become in the end.

There's a theory going on that the Enclave operatives undergo secret training in the Kerberos Panzer Corps.

4. Samus Aran's Power Suit (Metroid)

Yeah, yeah, by this time we all know that Samus is a woman - this plot twist is already as classic as the reveal of Luke Skywalker's daddy. Well, Ms Aran's Power Suit looks badass enough, but what sets it apart in terms of functionality are its expandable moveset and inventory, as well as the fact that it's surgically attached to Samus's body. You can't grow more balls than that.

One Girl in All the World by ~transfuse on deviantART
She is. ^___________^

3. The Space Marines (Warhammer 40,00)

The WH40K Space Marines are just like a meme in itself. They were the predecessors of the whole concept, and ever since then, everybody has tried very hard to copy their brutal over-the-top exterior and ridiculously overcompensating weaponry - just look at the Terrans from StarCraft! (trollface) And besides all that, there are several varieties of the Marines themselves, such as the twisted Chaos Marines and the vampiric Blood Angels, stars of Space Hulk. Every way you look at the WH40K infantry, every illustration or the tabletop piece is a work of art, as it should be.

Now let's just wait for Stephenie Meyer to defile that.

2. Alex 'RoboCop' Murphy (RoboCop)

RoboCop is a sci-fi classic. The first movie, directed by the old pervert Paul Verhoeven, portrayed a gritty and satirical image of Detroit being overrun by a classic evil mega-corporation named OCP. To contain the crazy urban violence going on, they create two ultimate weapons: a failed abortion that is ED-209, and then, RoboCop. Technically, he cannot be quite classified as wielder of power armor, since it's a replacement for his original body, not just protection. However, the movie and the character himself are so memorable that there unavoidably were numerous imitations and references to this bulletproof machine of vengeance in the popular culture.


1. Everyone In The God Damn Unreal Franchise (well, the Unreal franchise)

...Just look:

Right-click and choose 'View Image'/'Open the image in a new tab' to view full sizes.

Is it me, or does Epic Games have some of the best costume designers on the planet? Damn, I suddenly want to beat the first Unreal again. Using the gamepad!

Honorable mention #1 - Master Chief (Halo)

Master Chief by !utilizator on deviantART

Now, let me make one thing perfectly clear: I don't like Halo. I don't think it's a great game series, let alone something mind-blowing or such. I've played the first game, it seemed so dated to me... But anyway, I don't like the fanboys to tear me to shreds for not including Master Chief in such a post. But to me personally, the main reason I'm listing him is that hilarious visor on his helmet! Like, what purpose does it have? To block the sun? It's as funny now as it ever was.

Honorable mention #2 - Gordon Freeman (Half-Life)

Again, not much to say, despite me liking the source (no pun intended) game this time. Everybody's already made fun of Mr Freeman's vocal abilities, but what's even more funny is that his power suit literally speaks for the carrier. Now, how convenient is that?