Sunday, December 23, 2012

Cybernetic Empire & Edge Of Skyhigh

Hey, remember in the opening post I have stated that I'll never put any download links here? I'm hereby forced to make an exception now, with two obscure PlayStation games, named Cybernetic Empire and EOS: Edge Of Skyhigh. The reason I'm doing this is that I've googled the hell out Google for around a week in sum to find their ISOs, until there was an obscure torrent file I've stumbled upon that finally contained both. So, just to ease your suffering, I've stored them conveniently on my DropBox, so in case you want to download them, look no further:

Cybernetic Empire: Disc 1 - SUSPENDED :(
Cybernetic Empire: Disc 2 - SUSPENDED :(

Edge Of Skyhigh - SUSPENDED :(

That torrent file.

Password: 21lv0hk1t$