Monday, December 17, 2012

My Recent Hit List #1

I thought it'd be fun to do a series of little short reviews that have some kind of criteria. So let's take a quick look at the games that I had beaten most recently:

I Have No Mouth And I Must Scream - a DOS adventure game by Cyberdreams, and a pretty damn good one. It's based on the famous short story by Harlan Ellison and revolves around five last survivors of the Apocalypse ignited by the powerful computer named AM. He constantly tortures and abuses them for 109 years, and then, out of boredom, creates a personal twisted adventure for each, unwillingly giving them a chance to... Despite some technical issues and the non-linear approach not being clever enough at times, it still interesting, playable, has excellent story, great characters and top-notch production value. Check it out, it's great! Of all the four endings, I've managed to unlock the absolute worst, absolute meh and the absolute best ones (only the one between the 'absolute worst' and 'absolute meh' I didn't encounter).

Contra: Hard Corps - a Genesis classic by Konami. What can I say about this game that hasn't been said? Four completely different characters, six (SIX!!!) endings, brutal gameplay, excellent graphics, the beyond memorable stages and bosses, and I just can't overfaint at Michiru Yamane's mind-blowing soundtrack. Beaten with all six ending, using all of the cast at one point or another. Counting the nostalgia value, it may be my most favorite games on the Genny (excluding the nostalgia, it would be second to Gunstar Heroes - not bad either way!).

Tyrian - a formerly DOS shmup by Eclipse and Epic Games. This was a funny one to beat. I've started on OpenTyrian for PSP, then the battery got discharged, so I transferred the savegame to the Linux version, reaching the end of Episode 4. And then I used the same save on the DOS version of Tyrian 2000 to beat the fifth episode! It's easily the best PC 2D shooter with surprisingly elaborate storyline, nice humor here and there, incredible pixel art and the music done by none other than Alexander Brandon. Plus, you can legally download it for free and play on your favorite system!

Crusader: No Remorse - a DOS action-adventure by Origin Systems, though I've beaten the PS1 version. Here's my detailed review: Click here.

Alert Terrorist - an Android shooter by CWA. This is a very simple and repetitive game - just tap the living fuck out of everyone on the screen - but surprisingly it gets real challenging at times, even sometimes making you think about what you're doing and tap your way to victory the right way. If you have 10-20 minutes to waste at some point of time, it's a decent time killer worth checking out.