Wednesday, December 12, 2012

From 'Project Savior' through 'Megiddo City' to... just 'Megiddo'

Alright folks, now we're getting serious. The video game I am currently developing, which is a Christian cyberpunk shooter, already has a long, long, LONG development story, but during the last few month I swear I was not slacking. I have decided to keep everything plain and simple, so here are the major changes I've came up with:
    * The game title has been simplified to Sergei Savenko's Megiddo.
    * There will be one protagonist instead of three.
    * The game will use the DarkPlaces engine (SIC!!!).
    * Not sure now whether the models will be 2D or 3D, as I am indeed a shitty modeller. But as we've seen RetroBlazer, at least DP does support 2D sprites.
    * Right now I'm compiling a list of tools, links and other good stuff I'll need for the development, and the concept doc right now is just perfect to start, well, developing anything.
You'll possibly ask what did hit me? Well, it was like this:
    * I have beaten Crusader: No Remorse (yay!)
    * Afterwards I've read an interview with Andrew 'Necros' Sega circa 1995 where he said that he was 20 (!!!) years old and was writing the soundtrack for Crusader No Remorse.
    * There were rumors that he was writing the music for Quake, which he himself denied.
    * So I've played a bit of Quake on PSP, and yeah... DarkPlaces.
The last but not the least: here is how Rydia the Megiddo protagonist will look like:

Also, I'm going to publish some concept document excerpts so everybody will be sure I'm on track. Then I'll start learning the DP engine and reading the fuck out of the Quake engine manuals.

Oooh, it's going to be fun.