Wednesday, January 2, 2013

The Franchises Collection

I have decided that it'll be a fun idea to show you my collection of CDs/DVDs with complete videogame and movie franchises, in the wake of completing my Resident Evil movie collection last week. I've grouped all the entries per each photo, and following them, I'll give some real quick notes on each series. Let's not waste any time!

The 28 Time Measuring Units Later duology (DVD) - 28 Days is one of the most important horror movies of the modern era that reinvented and put the zombies back into mainstream, and I love every minute of it. 28 Weeks is a lot weaker (no pun intended), but a solid zombie flick nonetheless, with some nice gore effects.

The Alien quadrilogy (DVD) - what can you say about the series? It's one of the most iconic sci-fi franchises ever, perfectly blending the genres of action and horror, giving inspiration to the Metroid series and countless spin-offs and licensed products, some of them pretty good (ex. the Aliens VS Predator 2 video game).

The Bad Boys duology (BB1 is on Video CD and DVD, BB2 is on DVD) - the awesome action vehicle of Martin Lawrence and Will Smith, with the first movie being simply a Michael Bay classic. Yes, Michael Bay. Yes, classic.

The BioShock duology (PS3 and X360 respectively) - was referenced here and here.

The Back To The Future Trilogy box set (DVD) - again, nothing really new I can say about that. Fun fact: there are so many additional materials and bonus featurettes included in this collection, they were forced to stretch it to 4 discs!

The Crank duology (DVD) - a psychotic series of geeky action flicks by Mark Neveldine and Brian Taylor, starring Jason Statham in one of his best roles, if not the best. Every minute of those is violent and hilarious for all us sick fucks. ^^

The God Of War series: God Of War Collection and God Of War 3 (all on PS3), God Of War: Chains Of Olympus and Ghost Of Sparta (both on PSP) - was referenced here.

The Gears Of War trilogy (Gears 1 is on PC and X360, the rest are on X360) - was referenced here and here.

The Incubation duology (PC) - a decent little series of turn-based tactical games, not unlike X-COM and Jagged Alliance, only utilizing 3D polygon graphics and ridiculously huge enemy waves. The story and the Russian localization are pretty good, too. Not much to say other that I'm a sucker for this genre!

The Kane & Lynch duology (K&L1 is on PC, K&L2 is on PS3) - totally a Gears Of War ripoff from the makers of Hitman, only with bandits in place of space marines. Beating the first one on PC in coop was a great fun (cheers, WildMav!).

The Pursuit Force duology (PSP) - hands down the best PSP game(s) I have ever played, and counting how I adore the console itself, this says a lot. Seriously, if you haven't played them yet, I give my highest recommendations. They're freakin' badass.

The Resident Evil movies collection (DVD) - saw the first one in theater (despite the vital warnings from some creepy old woman) and liked it, 2 is okay for Jill alone, 3 has a hilarious vodka ad at the cover, 4 has the most embarrassing portrayal of Chris you could imagine (which pissed me off, as he's my most favorite character), 5 is hands-down the best, or at least, the most fun in the series (the 3D was very good, too), Degeneration actually belongs to Michelle, Damnation I haven't seen yet, but Leon's SRS BZNS face on the cover already gives me giggles.

The Riddick collection (Dark Athena is on Steam, the movies are on DVD) - I have dismissed this franchise for a long time until I saw Pitch Black and fell in love with its colorful, yet gritty setting. Riddick is one badass dude with his own code of honor, and besides, the universe he lives in is nothing but boring and redundant. I even liked the Chronicles that everybody hates so much.

The Space Rangers duology (PC) - bought the first one when it came out, and the second is a gift from Michelle. Thanks, sweetie! The games themselves are like top-down continuations of Elite, mixing turn-based economy and strategy with real-time shmup action. The second game also pays tribute to Nether Earth. Two of the best games ever developed in Russia, IMHO.

The Operation: Silent Storm duology (PC) - another quality Russian games, this time in the turn-based tactics genre. They follow an alternate historical setting of WWII blended with sci-fi here and there, all with cutting edge graphics (for the time).

The Transformers live-action trilogy (DVD) - I know it's all hip and cool to hate those movies and to dismiss them as popcorn entertainment only for brainless cattle, and blah blah blah. Well, despite all those raging atheist hipsters around, I like these movies. So, to quote Jonathan Alfonso Romero... suck it down, monkey shit! The third one is another gift from Michelle. Love you! :*