Monday, August 19, 2013

OneLiners - Issue #2

Le Dernier Combat - An awesome post-apocalyptic thriller, Luc Besson's first movie. Great action and atmosphere and top notch performances by Pierre Jolivet and Jean Reno. 8/10
Fellini's Casanova - From what I've heard it's the great director's most underrated movie, and I don't get it. It's not confusing as the majority of 'art house' flicks and flows like a hypnotizing historical drama peppered with the original vision of Casanova as a cult phenomenon. 9/10
Starship Troopers - A childhood classic; to this day it's the most violent and bloody movie I've ever seen in a theater (sic!). I'll never forget the evening me and my Mom went to see it, and of course I was blown away by all the gritty space marine action. It still holds up. 9/10
Sliver - Kick-ass erotic detective thriller with a brilliant cast. Starts off as a mystery, moves on as a porn movie and ends bordering the cyberpunk genre. The dialogue and sex scenes are un-fucking-believable! 8/10
Black Hawk Down - Since Ridley Scott has directed my all-time favorite movie, I had high hopes for this one, and boy did it deliver. The acting and action are intense and suspenseful as all hell, the cast is again excellent; also, the movie is based on actual events. 9/10
The Smurfs 2 - Yeah yeah, the de-evolution of mankind; blow me. Alright, it's kinda inferior to the first one, but not too much. The new characters are a lot of fun, and I liked the better integration of our and magical worlds, with Gargamel being a celebrity and all. The slapstick is annoying at times, but overall a charmingly nice sequel. 7/10
Elysium - An OK movie, not too good and not too bad. Everything is passable, but I really hated the camerawork, the love story and all the pathos oozing the whole second half. The weapons are pretty cool though. 6/10
Fear City - Pretty cool erotic thriller by Abel Ferrara. In terms of style and look it may easily rival Streets Of Fire and The Warriors, and that says a lot. Also, add kick-ass soundtrack and perfect cast, and you get an unforgettable film noir. 8/10