Monday, July 29, 2013

OneLiners - Issue #1

Well, alright. I've been planning this cute little experiment for along time, so it's time finally. Today I'm going to start publishing sort-of micro reviews of recently seen movies, each one occupying no more than 1-2 sentences. Let's get started!

Psycho - Hitchcock's immortal classic that I won't even try to do justice. Still very watchable, creepy and doesn't feel obsolete at all. 9/10
The Blues Brothers - the first half is rather boring with all the jokes being on one tone, but it picks the heat up as it goes. Also, Carrie Fisher! 7/10
Shakedown - a cute little detective/action flick with P. Weller and S. Elliot. Funny how Weller's character's name is Dalton, just like in Roadhouse; also, the death scenes are beyond over the top. 7/10
Wayne's World - I totally understand why it has its cult status, but the first movie is more cutesy than actually funny. Now, the sequel on the other hand... 7/10
Wayne's World 2 - I laughed so hard at this one I got a headache. The Asian martial arts movie spoof and the Village People reference just killed me! 8/10
Austin Powers: International Man Of Mystery - a childhood classic for me. If you can't laugh at a sexist stereotype character named Alotta Fagina, then oh well. 8/10
Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me - a pretty forgettable sequel, notable only for the introduction of Mini Me. 6/10
Austin Powers In Goldmember - this was a really good one, from the Tom Cruise and Stephen Spielberg cameo to the ridiculous plot twists at the end! The final battle was pretty anti-climactic though, but that's passable. 7/10