Wednesday, August 28, 2013

The New Logo

If you clear your browser cache, you might notice something different at the top of this page. Yep, after 8 hours of reckless GIMPing, I've made a new logo, this time utilizing only the media produced by myself. It's actually a collage of my old unused sketches, remastered and colored, so now it's full of Easter eggs and references. Check 'em out:

Top Row, L-R:
* A stereotypical sexy/-ist mecha musume asking whether to launch Marathon or Forge, and the flabbergasted Marathon marine beside her. This is a reference to the immortal post on the Pfhorums
* Miria from the unreleased indie game called Project Miria - a fan prequel to The Guardian Legend! (yours truly was an artist there)
* This may be either Brian Maiden from Endangered Species or Thierry Ordos from Dune: House Ordos - take your pick
* A pretty cool pic of two dogfighting spaceships - can be considered a reference to my affinity for shmups and/or the Shmups Forum
* Brian Farrell from Universal Weapons (working title) - one of my fresher OCs
* Michelle Mayfair from Endangered Species carrying wounded Ed (may be a reference to the Tourniquet EP 'Carry The Wounded' - the music on that album is so so, but love that phrase)
* Dawn from Megiddo (suddenly, eh)
* The remade John Targa from a project I still haven't reassigned him to

Bottom Row, L-R:
* Matthew Thatcher embracing Nei Einhorn for some reason... dat old tomcat!
* Midnight Resistance fanart
* Ed Hunter from Endangered Species
* Sega Genesis (yes, her first name is Sega and her last name is Genesis) from an unassigned project (Megiddo 2?! Megiddo spin-off?!)
* The title of the blog you're currently reading

Also, you can view the logo in full hi-res glory on DeviantArt:

Welcome To My Blog! by ~EinhanderZwei on deviantART

And, for a bonus, here is the ZX Spectrum sort of like rendered version! I'll dedicate it to Ray Hardgrit, an awesome Let's Player with a lot of awesome friends posting awesome (and hilarious) Let's Plays to his blog - click on his name to check it out, lots of good stuff there!

The New Blog Logo - Old Skewl Rad Version by ~EinhanderZwei on deviantART