Saturday, September 14, 2013

Riddick (2013) [sci-fi, action] - POSSIBLE SPOILERS!!!

...and it sure did deliver at that

Well, to be honest I'm not into doing an elaborate review on this magnum opus of lame, so let's just say that I have discovered the Riddick franchise relatively recently, but quickly was suckered in and became what you may call a fan. I loved Pitch Black, even The Chronicles were better than everyone said, and Dark Fury was so so... it was okay. Have yet to play Dark Athena, but I have it all bought on Steam. So naturally, I was anticipating part 3 of the voyages of starship Diesel Prize, I followed the news, I was worrying for Diesel and Twohy to get enough budget money without resorting to Kickstarter, and after Riddick finally came out, I went to the theater and was royally disappointed!!! I'll just list what I did and did not like about it, because going through all the problems in detail (like it was with Prometheus) would not be worth it.

* The cinematography is very beautiful-looking, especially for the tiny budget they got
* The end action scene was hardcore, but... (see con 1)
* A compeltely pointless, yet cute full nue of a hot Goth girl, but... (see con 2)
* The machinery and weapons used by mercs and cops was awesome, with a realistic approach - they got this aspect of Pitch Black perfectly

* If the return to Pitch Black style means ripping off its iconic scenes, then Twohy did one heck of a job - not only he returned, he practically remade it. ...But why do that?!
* Lots of pointless gory and a couple of nude scenes made in just to get an R rating. However, if cut them out, the movie will lose nothing at all, if not become actually a little better
* The first 30-40 mins were boring as sin
* The humor was not only present, but it was some of the worst I've seen in years. Every joke was stupider than the previous one, to the point when they actually distracted from the plot!
* Karl Urban's 1.5 lines
* Riddick going all horny and picking up Dahl - wasn't it the same Riddick that treated women first and foremost with respect in all three previous installments (not counting Dark Athena, because I haven't played it yet)?! Did the franchise really desperately need all these sex jokes and Dahl's almost shark-jumping final line?!

My Rating: 6/10 (Twohy, I am disappoint)