Saturday, May 24, 2014

3 Days To Kill (2014) [Action, Drama, Thriller]

So I've seen 3 Days To Kill in the theater, and I have to announce that my darlings, it kicked considerable amount of ass!

Kevin Costner is one of the few actors that all members of my familiy are huge fans of. For how long haven't you seen him in a big-budget blockbuster? I'd say around 15 yrs since The Postman; but according to 3 Days To Kill, this is the comeback of the year, following Tom Cruise's battery of decent-to-great projects in 2012-2013. I'm sorry, but judging from their latest movies, Costner, Cruise (Mission Impossible 4, Oblivion, Jack Reacher, Knight & Day) and Mark Wahlberg (2 Guns, The Other Guys, Pain & Gain) have more rock solid action careers right now than 90% of The Expendables.

But how was the movie itself? Well, it's not quite a 'pure' action film, rather than a mix of several genres, perfectly flowing into one another. Costner plays a badass, kickass CIA agent, who is just as good at killing motherfuckers as he is awkward at family relations. So essentially, it's like Homefront, only, you know, not shitty. It also has some elements from The Bourne Identity, Mission Impossible, James Bond movies, Crank, Jack Reacher, The Bodyguard (pff, but obviously! It's his most iconic movie, after all), some really good melodramatic scenes, great supporting cast with Amber Heard (who is one hell of a sexy beast), Hailee Steinfeld (who, unlike in Ender's Game, is very likeable, cute and convincing here), and Tomas Lemarquis and Richard Sammel as badass villains... it just has everything. Action! Drama! Suspense! Thrills! Cleavages!

I'm sorry guys, but I want to encourage you to vote with your dollar for this movie (well, if it's not playing anymore, then DVDs, BluRays and Netflix are the way!), because I so hope that it will be a financial success, and Costner would be back in the spotlight again, especially if he would be picking projects of similar quality - because admit it, we all missed him. I missed him.

The Bodyguard has returned! Welcome back Kevin!