Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Megiddo: Reboot Is Imminent?

This is the worst news ever... Some assholes I'm sure they're awesome developers have released an Android game called EPOCH, with the story copying Megiddo absolutely note for note! Check it out:

A lone robotic soldier wakes up in a barren post-apocalyptic wasteland with his charge nowhere in sight. On a search to find the last outpost of humanity, the robot must shoot his way through menacing robot hordes. EPOCH is powered by fantastically crisp graphics and an intuitive control system that makes combat fluid and easy to learn.

Official site for this... this.

Oh, and it's available on the latest Humble Bundle, too...

Shit, I guess it's the franchise reboot and total rewriting time!

Don't worry Dawn, we'll get them next time. Next time.

Her Name Is Dawn by ~EinhanderZwei on deviantART