Tuesday, June 11, 2013

The Dawn Is Rising

If you thought I've abandoned by game project...
If you thought I gave up under the pressure of all those fuckers labeling my arts as 'mediocre'...
If you thought I dropped the towel...

...well, I didn't.

Megiddo is still being planned, drawn and made, powered by the DarkPlaces engine and fueled with stylish 2D hand-drawn graphics, it's going stronger than ever now!

    * No more pointless characters,
    * No more RPG elements,
    * No more pussying around,
    * The game title is now Sergei Savenko's Megiddo: You Are Left Behind,
    * The protagonist name is now Dawn,
    * The game will use the DarkPlaces engine,
    * The models will be 2D, as I am indeed a shitty modeller. But as we've seen RetroBlazer and Steel Storm, DP does support 2D sprites perfectly,
    * Right now I have compiled a list of tools, links and other good stuff I'd need for the development, and the concept doc right now is just perfect, as it was always supposed to be.

New Key Features:

    * The Dagger Of Megiddo will make an appearance;
    * Dawn will have one sidearm that changes the firing modes (a tribute to my compatriots from GSC and their masterpiece, which is Venom);
    * I think I am obliged to base some location off the actual city of Megiddo (Street View available)!
    * The levels will follow the good old classic linear pattern (but the maps themselves will be non-linear, just like in the good old times);
    * The music will still be picked from the compositions of the great Andrew 'Necros' Sega!

Believe in me. I will not disappoint. Or else...