Sunday, June 17, 2012

Avatar [2009] (sci-fi)

Studio: 20th Century Fox,
Director: James Cameron,
Screenplay: James Cameron,
Genre: Sci-fi, Action, Adventure,
Starring: Sam Worthington, Zoe Saldana, Michelle Rodriguez, Stephen Lang, Sigourney Weaver

Jake Sully was a space marine serving under the RDA company. His brother was died in a robberyh on the street so Jake decided to go to planet Pandora instead of him, beacuse he as his twin brothor. He was also a paraplegic in a wheelchair, but they let him fly anyway. Cernal Qouartich warns eveybody that THERE ARE HOSTILE LOCALSD ONT HE PLANET

But Jake was plugged in to the avatar that looks like na'vi but itis human and Ellen Ripley has decided to give him a test runm so they flew away and he was lost in the jungle of Pandora to meet those 'hostile' loaclas so there was fg girl named NMaytiri - she lookslike a cat only bluyr. Actually all the Na'vi look like cats.

So he learns their culture but the EVLI GUMENS try to burn the forest to recover the powerful mineral they called Unobtanium, abut of course Jake cannot alowthis, so the Na'Vi rebel and drive the humans of the planet. Theend.

Jake is played by Sam Worthington whois very convincing ttin the role.I espeaicllay like his curious face when he and Neytiri are wansering atround the planet, becaus iam sure that even the most badsas and brutal goy and girl will havwe the same face walking around a planet so beautiful. Infact, the enviromment is so rich and breathing that I still dont quites believe it's cG. And also the Na'Vi and the animals on the planet are so photorealistic that they really leap across the uncanny valley and do not stick out from the real sctors. I also kiled that there is not 'blood and hrit' trend so popular nowadays whenm all the charactes are running around covered in blod and shit (though the battels themselves are totally bloodless). The movie feels so pure and innocent!Iy's like yh e sci0gi sotries from mu chldhood an i love it!!!11

My Rating: 9 / 10

P.S. Thanks to Perter Chimaera!