Friday, May 11, 2012

Introducing MEGIDDO CITY

Good day Ladies and Gentlemen!
It has been decided that from now on, there will be a new, centralized, synchronized title for the videogame developed by yours truly.

But for now, let us recap (the following is taken from's Forum):

First it started off as a cyberpunk shooter called Overload: Back To Basics, then it mutated to the Gears Of War'ish third-person shooter called Project Savior and had two alpha versions released (powered by Dungeons3D and ZDoom engines). Then, I've decided to create a 2D side-scrolling prequel called Thunder Angels using the Game Editor engine.

Then I've re-watched Game Trailers' Metroid Retrospective and renamed the whole franchise to Megiddo City (a.k.a Sergei Savenko's Megiddo City, Megiddo City: Shin Kami Tensei). It's a non-linear first-person horror shooter in the vein of Metroid Prime and Resident Evil: Gun Survivor. It's powered by ZDoom engine and features a soundtrack by Andrew 'Necros' Sega (most famous for his music in Crusader: No Remorse and No Regret).

Our main characters in the first game are female cybernetic space marines, featured on this (currently, a bit obsolete) wallpaper:

Right-click and choose 'View Image' for full size