Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Project Savior: Latest News

Alright, d00dz! As the demo release is going to hit the Duke Nukem Forever development cycle, here are some news to hold you over:

- Partial interface (minus the Statusbar);
- The soundtrack;
- Story elements and dialogue;
- Camera switches;
- A cameo by the Baykal soda drink!
- Three weapons: fist, BloodSucker and the Machine Gun;
- Zombie nurses;
- Scavenger, the first boss (and the only one in the demo);
- MAP01 and partially MAP02;

- MAP02-MAP05 (that's right, another bonus level!);
- Maybe redo the chaingun (current sprite is OK, but the perspective is a bit off);
- Exclude unused patches from WAD;

- I think that the level decorations quality greatly varies - some rooms are plain grey boxes connected to others which are overly detailed; also, the levels try blending 'realistic' and 'abstract' approaches - will be fixed based on feedback;
- One of the maps is generated by SLIGE and enhanced by myself. I've decided to include it, as it was the map I've playtested the earliest builds of the mod. Of course, I don't claim that I have done it fully myself :)
- There's no crouch sprite ingame, though crouching and jumping are required for the gameplay
- Some of my custom textures are pretty shitty. I'll do my best to fix them, but in the full version they'll sure be redone from scratch;
- No difficulty levels. They'll be defined in the full version - right now all the levels don't differ too much;
- The character sprites really give away their MD3 origin;
- The SMALLFONT I used has rendered the Options section to a mess. It'd be better to set up the game before you launch the demo;
- The scripts and lump placement is a mess, as are the DECORATE contents - will be sorted and cleaned out;
- Stability with DOOM 2 IWAD is not guaranteed. Use FreeDoom IWAD, since that is the base!
- I won't fix the above things not due to laziness or time constraints, but because they are not critical to the gameplay and story delivery - the main things I want to showcase.

Stay tuned! I promise you won't be disappointed.