Friday, December 9, 2011

PROJECT SAVIOR Teaser 1.0 Released!

Developer: EinhanderZwei
Publisher: EinhanderZwei
Designer: EinhanderZwei
Composer: none
Platform: PC (Windows)
Release year: 2011
Genre: FPS
System requirements: tame :)


The Savior of the planet has activated!


This is a short promo teaser of the upcoming ZDoom survival horror game, PROJECT SAVIOR. This teaser is built on Dungeons 3D v0.7 engine, compatible with PSP and PC, however, only PC version is included in this package. This is strictly a FREE software that should not be redistributed for money by any means.


Genre: FPS
No. of levels: 3
Difficulty: Medium
Theme: Horror
Platform: PC

Known bugs The game tends to crash on PSP almost randomly. It has something to do with my custom resources. I've tried to investigate this, but the reason is yet unknown. I've decided to stop digging it, because the next demo and the full game will be on ZDoom anyway, which is still PC/Mac-exclusive as of now. Thus, the Project Savior Teaser works fine on PC only.


PS: Teaser serves just as the showcase of visual design, 1 weapon, 1 enemy type and a couple of levels. It does not give away any story details, and is not intended to. The main character wakes up in an abandoned hospital overrun by zombie nurses - that's all you need to know (hehe).

Stuff from this teaser that will be included in the full game

- The hospital levels (may be partially redone due to ZDoom possibilities)
- The Bloodsucker weapon (Railgun replacement)
- Zombie nurses (will be made sprites and redrawn to avoid the copyright violation with id)
- The crosshair (will be redone - current version is compromized due to D3D limitations)

Stuff from this teaser that will NOT be included in the full game

- The Wolfenstein'ish gameplay! :D I'm planning to make the full game in the vein of Strife, System Shock, BioShock, etc.


Dungeons 3D engine, Fonts, decal sprites, GFX (unless noted below)
charnold ( )

ch16.bmp, gun_fire.bmp, particle.bmp GFX


Enemy Model
Vebjorn Strommen, Paul Steed

Enemy Model Skins
id Software (original), EinhanderZwei (modified)

OpenArena community

Voice Acting
EinhanderZwei (recording and editing), Michelle Mayfair (actress)

FreeDoom community (original), EinhanderZwei (modified)

Weapon Model (Railgun)
David Hernandez ( ), James "HarlequiN" Taylor ( )

Weapon Skin
James "HarlequiN" Taylor (original) EinhanderZwei (modified)

Cheers & Thanks

Michelle Mayfair - for your love and affection :* :* :*
WildMav - for moral support
charnold - for this great engine, ideal for dummies like me
FreeDoom community - for such a kickass initiative
OpenArena community - for such a kickass initiative
ZDoom community - for such a kickass initiative and engine
id Software - for some of the best first-person shooters in the world
Bon Boisson - Nothing would be possible without the divine nectar of Baikal


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PROJECT SAVIOR Teaser 1.0 Windows game